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Testimonials from Photographers Around the Globe

"I bought one for my SmallHD production monitor and it works great! Solid, easy to use and built to last! I highly recommend it, especially for the price!"

Robert Fernandez / Freelance photographer / California

“The Rigidesigns Para Mount Vesa mount seems to be exactly what we were looking for - a lightweight Vesa mount for our production monitors with multiple mounting options for wireless video receivers and accessories – thumbs up from Finland!”  

Jarkko Liikanen / Kamerafirma / Finland

"Thank you for the mount. It really works perfect."

Chris Speda / / Esslingen, Germany

“This mount is amazing! I have it on my Atomos Sumo. Its super light weight, requires zero loosening or tightening when finding the right viewing angle for my monitor and adds a top handle to my monitor. It's what all monitors should have. It also has mounting points for wireless receivers / batteries, anything! It's the Swiss army knife of monitor mounts!”

Adam Finnman / / Pasadena, CA

“Well-designed, holds monitor beautifully and lets you change angle without having to unlock/lock anything, and provides attachment points for wireless receivers, etc. Also excellent customer support! Big thumbs up.”

Scott Auerbach / Atlanta, Georgia

“We are very happy with this mount.  It is a perfect solution.”

Danielle Oaper / / Singapore

“I received the Para Mount today and set it up on my production monitor [SmallHD 1703]. This mount is beautiful and very useful!”

Bogdan Von Rueckmann / Bucharest, Romania

“The Para Mount is great.  It’s so nice to not have to loosen and tighten a handle or knob when you want to adjust the viewing angle, as well as not having to worry about the mount loosening and collapsing when you spin it to the left or right on the stand.”

Christopher Bell / Gastonia, North Carolina

Love the Mount!

Peter Trilling / Montclair, New Jersey
Para Mount VESA monitor mount for production monitors fully loaded

The All New Para Mount VESA Production Monitor Mount

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Multi-Use and Hands-on Functionality

Low Profile, Cheeseplate Design

The Para Mount is a cheeseplate as well, offering several 1/4-20-inch and a 3/8-inch hole to mount additional equipment on your monitor.  At just 2" depth it is super slim.

Para Mount (PMV-RED) as a desktop mount

Desktop Mounting

The brilliantly designed Para Mount was designed for functionality.  Complement your monitor with this flashy, easy to mount, easy to adjust, and yet extremely functional mount that can be used as a desktop mount for small and medium sized monitors, such as this 17-inch TVLogic, as well as monitors like the Atomos Sumo 19 and the SmallHD 1303 and 1703.

Introducting our NEW vesa mount. SLIM. SLEEK. STRONG.

We designed the Para Mount out of the sheer drive to build an awesome mount for production monitors. Most VESA mounts, with many being well built and functional, have little use other than just holding the monitor. The Para Mount is quite the opposite. It provides more useful options while taking up minimal real-estate, offering strength, reliability and ease of use.

Rigidesigns Para Mount VESA Mount with a Top Mounted Wing Plate (PMWP)

Battery Mounting Options!

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Take advantage of easy tilt!  The Para Mount has wide, unbelievably strong holding power, and, it stays where you put it - even with heavier monitors and battery/accessory attachments.

Para Mount VESA Quick Latch/Unlatch

Quick Latching and Unlatching



Uncompromised Quality

We here at Rigidesigns refuse to compromise on quality.  We use the most rugged parts we can find.  Bottom line is, we just want to make really great, practical and useful product for people like yourself who just want a real nice mounting solution.

So what's it made of? 

The mount frame structure is 6061 Machined CNC Aluminum.  The handle is one solid piece of aluminum.  The latching mechanism is metal with a strong polymer knob.  The hinge is steel. The 1/4-20-inch tightening rod is stainless steel. The grip is comfort-feel soft rubber (what can we say, we like the way it feels!)

Add a Wing Plate to Power Your Monitor

The Para Mount Wing Plate can be used for battery plates, or for attaching accessory devices such as wireless receivers!

See the Wing Plate



Weight - 1.8lb (816g)

Dimensions - (W x H X D) -  5.25 x 8 x 2 (133 x 203 x 51)

Holding Capacity - 35 lb (16kg) - (Load bearing within 2.5 inches proximity to mount face)

Fits VESA 100mm standard holes - - 5/8" Baby-Pin Mounting

Desktop Mount Usage Compatibility:  Center of monitor VESA hole pattern to monitor's bottom edge should be 8 inches (203mm) maximum for optimum angular range.

Limited One Year Warranty