Para Mount Wing Plate for Para Mount VESA and SUPER200

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The Para Mount Wing Plate (SKU: PMWP) is an accessory plate that is designed to work with the Para Mount VESA monitor mounts.


TOUGH PLATE is made out of aluminum.  

CAPTIVE SCREW MOUNTING so you don't lose any screws.  Tighten by hand or even better with a cross head (philips) screwdriver.

CHEESEPLATE DESIGN makes for a multi-use accessory plate.  The plate has industry standard 1/4-20 tapped holes and several tapped M3 for mounting any type or model of V-Mount or GOLD battery plates, or, anything else you would like.

MULTI-POINT ATTACHMENT points on the Para Mount VESA (PMV-RED or PMV-BLACK) gives more options for equipment and battery placement.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE - If it ever has an issue, get it replaced for free (shipping not included)



Product Weight- 6 oz (170g)
Dimensions - 5.63"L x 5.4"W x .1875"D (143 x 137 x 5)
Anodized, milled 6061 aluminum


Anton Bauer Gold plate standard (
Anton Bauer Gold plates square type (
Blueshape Gold Mount (
Note: Many other battery plates which utilize the identical mounting hole patterns of the plates listed above will also fit this plate. Mounting holes are all tapped for M3 (3mm) screws except for Anton Bauer’s large Gold Mount, which uses through holes for 8-32 screws, countersunk for flat screw installs.
Battery plates may be installed in their correct orientation for mounting on either the left or right side of the VESA mount (flip-flopped).