Rigidesigns PARA MOUNT VESA customer photo

Adam Finnman, owner of frontfootfilms in Pasadena, California, one of our very first customers, has been using the mount from day one and still going strong.  

“This mount is amazing! I have it on my Atomos Sumo. Its super lightweight, requires zero loosening or tightening when finding the right viewing angle for my monitor and adds a top handle to my monitor. It's what all monitors should have. It also has mounting points for wireless receivers / batteries, anything! It's the Swiss army knife of monitor mounts!”

Please visit Adam's website to see his work at Frontfootfilms.com



Rigidesigns PMV-BLACK vesa mount 100mmm

Jarkko Liikanen of Kamerafirma (valofirma.fi/en/) in Finland said of the Para Mount VESA:

“The Rigidesigns Para Mount Vesa mount seems to be exactly what we were looking for - a lightweight vesa mount for our production monitors with multiple mounting options for wireless video receivers and accessories – thumbs up from Finland!”  



PMV-BLACK by Rigidesigns production monitor mount

Videographer Bogdan Von Rueckmann from Bucharest noted this after setting up his new RED Para Mount VESA:

"I received the Para Mount today and set it up on my SmallHD 1703 production monitor. This mount is beautiful and very useful!”



PMV-RED para mount vesa production monitor mount Chris Speda

Chris Speda (https://speda.de) from Esslingen, Germany has been using the PMV-RED for his production monitor.  

"Thank you for the mount. It really works perfect."


CVP London show room photo of Rigidesigns Para Mount

Pictured is the CVP London (CVP.com) which has the Para Mount VESA black (PMV-BLACK) with an accompanying Wing Plate (PMWP) in their show room.

Photo courtesty of Ivailo Velinov and Daniel Waters, CVP



CineD review of the Rigidesigns Para Mount VESA

The mount was reviewed by CineD.com in 2020. See the article on Cined.com.


Thank you Matthew Allard ACS of Newsshooter.com for reviewing the Para Mount VESA in 2020!  See the review at https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/12/10/rigidesigns-para-mount-vesa-production-monitor-mount/