Para Mount C7 for Convergent Designs Odyssey Monitor

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Available on request only. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing.

Currently used by many professionals in the television broadcast industry as well as in production environments, the Para Mount C7 is a unique, fully adjustable low profile 16-lb friction mount designed specifically for the Convergent Design Odyssey 7, 7Q+ or Apollo Monitor/Recorders

This high quality, USA-built mount comes equipped with either an Anton Bauer Gold Mount or V-Mount with pigtail power (please specify), and ultra low profile light stand "baby pin" receptacle.  Genuine Anton Bauer Gold plate equipped!

For mounting or desktop support, the quality metal friction hinges hold this monitor at the angle you want it and absolutely stays there.  Hinges are rated at 20,000 cycles so it won't wear out on you.    

3mm mounting screws for attaching the mount are included (Philips head).