Arri Alexa Mini ASB-1 Support Brackets for MVF-1 Viewfinder Cable

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The ASB-1 Brackets were designed around the Arri Alexa Mini Professional Video Camera to provide additional support for the MVF-1 Viewfinder Cable (

These brackets (one with double stick tape to camera, one with clamp to cable) provide excellent stress relief and insertion guide to the multipin connector helping prevent any potential pin damage to the fragile connector and other damage from rough usage. 

It also turns the yellow end of the otherwise difficult-to-align connector into a fool-proof keyed connector, making for a fast and easy attachment of this connector to the camera without the hassle of aligning it correctly each time you plug it in.

Material:  ABS @100% infill.  

Temperature endurance:  up to 200C (392F)

Installation Instructions can be found HERE