Para Mount VESA Long description

The Para Mount VESA is a highly unique, 100mm, 5/8” baby-pin compatible monitor mount designed around getting the most out of production monitor mounts and consumer televisions -- in the studio, on set and on location. 

Quick set-up
This mount makes setting up monitors fast and easy: unlatch, pull the handle and you're ready to go. At just 2 inches depth it can also allow the mount to remain permanently affixed to your monitor.
Easy tilt
A full-range tilt hold relies solely on the friction of its stay-where-you-put-it hinge, safely holding monitors up to 35lb* at any angle, completely eliminating the need for rear knob adjustments for tilt.
More mounting options
A convenient cheese plate design provides industry standard 1/4-20 tapped holes throughout (including one 3/8-16 hole) giving plenty of options for mounting additional sub-mounts, arms or other equipment such as SLR cameras, lights, or other equipment.
Desktop capable 
For monitors that lack desktop stands, or, if it is desired that it be removed, the Para Mount can replace it, saving weight and reducing real-estate. Simply pull the mount handle down further and use it as a prop.**
Every monitor gets a handle 
The built-in rugged aluminum handle provides a sure-fire way to easily handle any monitor you put it on. Many monitors don’t come with one, and consumer televisions can be cumbersome to handle.  This mount greatly assists in taking either in and out of cases, and helps in moving them around on the stand.
Wing Plate Accessory 
Conveniently hold accessory plates (Para Mount Wing Plate (PLEASE PUT A LINK SO CUSTOMERS CAN BUY IT)sold separately by Rigidesigns) capable of holding Anton Bauer Gold and V-Mount battery plates (wide and standard), Shape V-Mount, IDX, and Blueshape Gold/V-mounts and others utilizing the same hole patterns. It can attach onto various places on the Para Mount, including on both sides as well as the top surface while extended.


4mm x 12mm screws included (x4)

*Load bearing is rated within 2.5 inches proximity to the face of the mount.  Monitors of greater depth will reduce this rating. Minimum recommended monitor weight is 12 lb.

**Center of monitor VESA hole pattern to monitor's bottom edge should be 8 inches (203mm) maximum for optimum angular range for desktop use.